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Video Library – IAO



Video Library

The IAO Video Library consists of lectures from past IAO Annual Meetings.  These videos are available to IAO Members in the USA or Canada only.

 To rent a video:
1. Use the below search function to find the video(s) you want to rent
2. Fill out the Video Library Rental Form
3. Submit the order form online or, print a copy and fax or mail it to IAO Headquarters

Please note that the rental cost includes shipment to the renter, however you are responsible for return shipping costs.

Videos are only available for IAO Annual Meetings from three years ago and earlier. If you would like a more recent video or wish to buy a video,you may purchase videos from DubKing.

Lecture Title/Topic:
IAO Annual Meeting:
International Association for Orthodontics
750 North Lincoln Memorial Drive, Suite 422
Milwaukee, WI 53202 USA
+1 414.272.2757 | Toll Free (U.S. and Canada): +1 800.447.8770 | Fax: +1 414.272.2754